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D-Ranch was founded by Astrid Stijger as a dentist, initially to bring happiness and dental health in the lives of people who do not go to the dentist because of their fear of dentistry. She does this with the help of horses.That's how equicure started. In the meantime this company has grown into a center where people can heal from countless other psychological or emotional problems, and also for people who want to grow in their personal lives, relationships or work.
The name D-Ranch comes from her first horse Durkje,  a beautiful characterful Friesian horse, from whom she has learned a lot and who has helped many people. Durkje's legacy lives on in the name D-Ranch and in the development of equicure. Astrid puts the method she has developed into practice with the descendants of Durkje, her daughter Gitte and granddaughter She and various other horses, donkeys and ponies. The Astrid Stijger Method © was born!

Astrid with She and Gitte

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