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Astrid Stijger Method
The Astrid Stijger Method is characterized primarily by the fact that it is not a method.
If all methods are lost, a 'way of living' remains. A way of life you can call a method.

In this way of life, you will meet yourself by meeting our horses, and other animals, that will mirror your subconscious self, your behaviour and your being. What the horses tell you about yourself is guided bij Astrid Stijger with her ability to understand the horses, her therapeutic skills based on her experience as professional dentist,  regression- and reincarnation therapist and on her systemic work therapy.

Astrid Stijger started her practice as a professional dentist helping people to overcome their dental anxiety. She soon discovered that behind dental anxiety a (mostly subconscious) world of beliefs, behaviors, fears and other aspects of life are hiding. Physical and mental energies that have been blocked which hinders the life and growth of those involved.
She also found out that horses, by nature, are able to feel those blockages and react on that. Blockages that might stem from events in this or former lives. Bringing these insights and skills together, the Astrid Stijger Method ® was born. If you want to get to know the Astrid Stijger Method, be open to what there is.  Then be genuinely happy and enriched with what you can see, hear, smell, feel or otherwise perceive in the moment. Living in the vicinity of horses gives that awareness of your own body feeling, emotions and thoughts, in addition to body sensations that contain information to enable you to enter your soul path, your spiritual, physical body. That's why the Astrid Stijger Method works so well with the healing power of horses.

Business Acumen
This holistic way of guiding people in their life, relationships and business environment brings all aspects of the human body and soul and the interaction with others together to bring personal growth and healing.

The techniques and practices of this method apply also to management and leadership. Combined with the business acumen of D-Ranch Leaders & Company, this will bring business happiness in your team or organisation.

Equine living is about doing what you want, and wanting what you do.

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Our pricing model is simple. You pay for your stay and for your sessions. Your stay includes the use of a double room, breakfast, lunch and diner, coffee & tea and on request the use of other facilities, like the swimming pool. Parking is free.

Session include aftercare for the duration of your stay and visits on our estate. For each session a 2 hours time slot is reserved. You pay per slot. Telephone aftercare (including Whatsapp or Mail) is on request.

Tarifs (without taxes)

  • Stay per night (from 7 pm to 6 pm the following day) € 180,=. Second person per room € 120,=. Third person € 100,=
  • Session (2 hours slot)  €  175,= 
  • Drinks, outside the program, pay per use
  • Airportservice Toulouse € 125,= per stay, round trip. Maximum 4 persons.
  • Special programs. See 'Earn your Stay, Earn Your Way'
  • Business Happiness Programs by Leaders & Company on request.
    Indication: Programs, 4 participants, 2 day sessions, including 3 overnight stays € 7.500,=.
  • Lectures (Astrid Stijger or Jan-Ide van Helden):
    € 1.250,= + expenses.

Coming soon..     Next summer, Astrid Stijger will present her book "Zwarte parels, witte tanden" (Black Pearl, White Teeth). This book describes in a very fascinating way the vision of Astrid Stijger about the use of horses in her therapeutic work. A book full of emotional stories and events, interspersed with explanations about how energy works in the body, mind and soul. Stories of people, of healing and deep wisdom of the universe and the soul.

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