D-Ranch Living Center

The land of Durkje and Astrid, a land of healing!

Are you looking for D-Ranch or Astrid Stijger?

Where they are is where they live. The land where they live is the land where they are at that moment, not a digital word. You will therefore hardly find them on this website. They live in contact with nature, in connection with everything that lives to the rhythm of planet Earth.

D-Ranch creates that living environment in an ambiance, with all nature, animals and inspiration that also live here. An ambiance, where you can live, in optimal consciousness for this moment in your life. You don’t have to know what level that is, that’s not important, but you can discover and remember who you really are. How to take responsibility for your own health, learn to understand your body again and above all how to smile again.

When you are motivated to bring your physical body into such an atmosphere, you more easily and more consciously encounter greater forces around you, the connection with the greater. The connection your heart makes and expresses itself through your body, all just there for you. Then you will heal, create moments that touch you, moments of full life.

Doubts, worries, fears and all other issues and complaints will bring you exactly in that atmosphere, to learn to understand your body again. Every experience, every complain, tells you exactly where to confront yourself to heal. When your head, heart and soul come together, it makes you WHOLE.

Astrid Stijger

My name is Astrid Stijger. I have been a dentist for almost 30 years and a forerunner in preventive dentistry, specializing in people with symptoms of anxiety. Offering you preventive care in the meadows and valleys, under the sun of where I live. In addition, I am an enthusiastic holographic regression-reincarnation therapist and I also offer Equicure therapy to anyone who visits me with the issues of his or her existence. Every question can be answered from the source, which is around our humanity, our nature from within, from the core of the earth, to the sun of our universe and beyond. The ecosystem in which people live together, every vibration, every frequency is at your disposal, to make flora and fauna support your healing and life on this planet Earth.

Are you looking for the Astrid Stijger Method®?

You will not find them on this website. In addition to being a way of life, the Astrid Stijger Method (ASM) ® is based on strong pillars. Pillars that give this method a solid foundation, to give the training, coaching and therapy based on this method a major positive impact on your life in all aspects! It will give you major insights on mental, emotional, physical and soul levels and all intermediate and surrounding spheres. All and everything is based and focused on the self-healing ability of every human being while horses contribute a major element within this phenomenon . The book Zwarte Parels Witte Tanden describes my method. Real preventive health care (care for your health) starting from your smile.

All this will bring you to a loving, confrontational and non-judgmental encounter with the core of your deepest self. The core from which you live and the core that wants to live, to be lived as optimally as possible.

Many have come before you, to experience love or fear for horses. Fear is a wonderful entrance to (re)discover your powers, to use them the best way in life. My horses and I have no taboos, you don’t even have to talk, because horses and I can communicate without words.

Zwarte parels, Witte tanden

"When head, heart and soul come together in one body"

Only available in Dutch. English e-book is coming soon!

The Astrid Stijger Method® is described in the book Zwarte Parels Witte Tanden.

ISBN 978-90-830757-1-6; 

Equicure therapy

D-ranch paarden

D-Ranch Living Center is a Dutch company, based in Leiden (NL). Equicure therapy, based on the Astrid Stijger Method®, comes to you at best when your insights and experience are supported by the frequency of nature. That is why D-Ranch has a second location in the south of France, near the Pyrenees, with all the room you need for your healing process.

What does D-Ranch offer you? Healing, peace and space, ASM® sessions, Bio Resonance for humans and animals, Retreats Living in Consciousness, as the French say Bien-Etre.

Stay at a French location: A large, spacious, comfortable French Gite or Camping in nature back to basic, Back to Basic Happyness.