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Lagensou therapy 

Registered May 4th 2020, in The Netherlands, the day of the commemoration of the dead of WWII. 
The day I waited for to start my new business. The day when many people traditionally observe 2 minutes of silence to commemorate the dead. 

I personally do things differently. Fortunately, I also have freedom in this. I commemorate and appreciate the people who have achieved our freedom through fighting. Also the dead that fell and still fall daily in other wars of this world. Deaths from illness, grief, despair and crime, especially at present due to current measures, such as long term closure and social distance of 1.5 meters. I think and commemorate these people regularly .. Not necessarily May 4 for 2 minutes, but just when it comes to mind. And certainly also through my life and my work. 

Lagensou therapy, regression and reincarnation therapy, treats the past. Past of the current life and lives before it. Where information about our current existence is stored. If the dead could speak, there would be no silence. There is so much to say. 

It is precisely this revelation that makes Lagensou therapy possible. Let the past speak. It tells you exactly how to clarify your problems and complaints for all of your life to live. 

Celebrate your life and enjoy the past. Connect with your past, because this past travels with you all the time through your body. You can make an appointment in the South of France and in the Netherlands. 

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