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We deliver Business Happiness

The true essence of leadership lies within your ability to follow your intuition and envision the next steps of whatever it is you require leadership for. It is not about success it is about happiness. The kind of happiness that will bring succes. Not some kind of romantic feeling but the real heart of your purpose. Be it your company, your team even your personal life, your ability to create your mission, your strategy and to follow your heart and guts will make the difference. You will only need to enhance your awareness of who you really are and strengthen the abilities that are within you just to know and act upon it.

By nature horses are able to enhance your intuition, to make you aware of what is going on in your life, your environment. Without prejudice, communicating with the subconscious of your being.
D-Ranch Leaders & Company enables you to grow your leadership by combining business insights with equine assisted training. A powerful tooling to create Business Happiness.  

“It is my personal view that true leadership is about enabling yourself to follow your heart, growing your intuition and act upon it. In modern western society one of the greatest challenges you will ever face. Engaging in our programs and meeting our horses will be a life changing experience  that will  make this happen for you.” 

Jan-Ide van Helden

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