Have you ever been back where you were before?

Where? There, wherever you want!

Then plan your midweek back in the prospect of the end of September 2020, because it will bring you to your origin, so that you can experience that moment consciously in the here and now.

In this midweek, attention is paid to body language: communicating in body language, your own body tells you what matters. Regression offers you the opportunity to “re-experience” previous life phases or life events with a re-experience and the awareness of the here and now.

I, Astrid Stijger, will tell you about my own life as an experienced regression therapist. Whatever you want to know from your past, your mind will tell you about all what you wish to heal. Under the sun and in a Southern European atmosphere with the joys of the South of France you can return to yourself for a midweek through relaxation, information, enrichment, inspiration. Most sparkling of all is that this is released by your own body language.

You will also get to know the ASM ®.

The program of this midweek is centered around daily (minimum) two-hour Regression courses. Your time can be further filled in with what matters to YOU!

Your stay is all inclusive in terms of food and drink. You can enjoy the jointly prepared meals and your stay is all-inclusive. You will stay in your own comfortable room in a spacious French Gite. Swimming pool, nature, privacy, tranquility, is all our facilities will offer you.

There is room for you, but the offer is limited! We offer you a midweek of deepening, love and reflection from regression experience and vision. That is why there the groups are limited to four persons. So we can give as much room for you as a person. Be quick when this appeals to you. Your body will respond and if you want to listen to it, sign up if you wish!

All in: 599 euros (excluding VAT) for the midweek. Monday, September 28 to October 2, 2020. Individual sessions can be booked during midweek for a reduced price.

For questions or booking: send a message to: welcome@d-ranch.eu or via the contact page, citing: “Midweek back”