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"I had an extreme fear of the dentist, actually, for the hooks, drills, and injections. When I had to go to the dentist I was so nervous that I became sick. Going alone was not an option, someone was with me, always. When someone couldn’t come with me, I didn’t come. That happened more and more over time. This all changed when I came to Astrid and had the chance to meet her horses. The horses held some sort of mental mirror in front of me. They walked away from me because they didn’t trust the energy around me. And boy were they right. Something about me needed to change, that was clear as day. I’ve had to have multiple encounters with the loving and caring horses and they've learned me so much end they've given me so many answers about myself. A gift for life! Insights that I'm so grateful for! But the chief reason I came there was because of my fear of the dentist. But I forgot about it because the problem seemed to lie deeper. But exactly that problem was solved at D Ranch! I'm now going to the dentist alone, without fear. To this day, I'm still using the insights daily. I've learned a lot about feelings, reactions, and actions. I've had beautiful moments with the horses that I still think about to this day, and that has left memories that I'll never forget. I'm so incredibly grateful that I've had to have the pleasure of undergoing such an experience. ❤ Wodka, ❤ Bluebell"
A few years ago I came to Astrid and her horses during a difficult time of my life. I had a difficult relationship and mostly struggled emotionally. I completely lived in my head and totally lost contact with my feelings. Astrid and her horses learned me to feel again, mainly because horses only respond to feelings and energy. So they ‘forced’ me to search and find my feelings again, to listen to myself more and find my own path. The most beautiful en extraordinary things happened every session.. I’m so grateful for every session with Astrid and one (or more) horses or donkeys. They all are judgmentless, involved and in the moment. Without them I wouldn’t be who and where I am today.. 🙏🏻
I was referred to horse coaching by the Dental Clinic, my dentist Astrid was working. So I signed up for horse coaching. Astrid had several horses, each with it’s own character and type. One horse attracted most of my attention, a black Friesian horse. It was that very horse that came up to me after a short while. It soon became apparent that this horse, named Erik, came to me for a reason. This had a meaning. In several coaching session, together with Erik and Astrid, I explored and worked out the meaning of this. It was so remarkable to notice that Erik responded and reflected precisely on what I was struggling with, namely my fear of failure, my lack of self-acceptance and my desire to become more relaxed. Horses don’t lie. They are honest in their feedback, pure and without prejudice. My dilemma was made clear through clarification and explanation on site and by the app with photos taken by Astrid during the sessions. Astrid gave clear instructions and tips for practice. She always dealt with this with integrity and without judgement, which was very pleasant. When you are open to it, horses are certainly a mirror to your soul and are capable to heal you. Through the coaching sessions I have come a bit closer to myself. My self-acceptance has increased and I can relax better. Thanks for that to Astrid and Erik.
I think everyone can think back on their lives and identity a few clarity giving moments. For me being at D-ranch was definitely one of those. The specific combination of the experience and knowledge they bring to the table combined with the personally trans formative processes they put you through, are one of a kind. This is really some next level stuff. Where a course about starting a business might be very helpful, what sets them apart is just the way they connect it to the core of who you are. It's the difference between getting a sword and becoming a master swordsman. D-ranch has given me the tools to cut through the clutter of life and live the way I want to live, financially as well as who I am as a person. Would recommend it to anyone who is tired of just doing courses, having plans, or pussyfooting around, and want to make things really happen in their life!
D-Ranch is the perfect place to get away and rethink things. The lovely family, the luxury accommodation, the animals, the mountains! Everything creates the perfect environment to get back to your core. The guidance and knowledge I recieved at D-Ranch allowed me to find the right direction for my business!
I came to D-Ranch because I thought there was something wrong with me. Again I found myself in a ‘burn-out’ and I thought I needed to recover and to learn how to be like other people in order to function in this world. Soon, I realized that there is nothing wrong with me, but that I was making the wrong decisions in my life. All my decisions were taken in the way my head thought was the right thing to do and ignoring what my heart wanted. Inspired by Astrid, Jan-Ide and even the 11-year old Luit, I started taking decisions with my heart. In the short time I spent on D-Ranch, I made a plan to combine my biggest passions into a business (plan), I enrolled myself in several courses related to my passions and I even got my first big client. I will leave D-Ranch with a feeling of purpose for my life and a lot of excitement for what this new path will bring me in the future.
“I remember very well that I was a bit skeptical about the horse coaching phenomenon. Especially because it was intended to overcome my dental fear. I was wondering what could connect the dots. Somewhat biased, I could not believe it to be possible. But my love for horses made me make the first step and commit myself to the program. But the program was incredible. It was so amazing how the horses constantly held up a mirror to me. But the most special part of it was the very special way Astrid managed to make made me clear what the horses showed me. Astrid is a warm personality, at least with me. She knows how to win your trust. She is flexible , able to move with the process of the other and in the meantime keeping an eye and ear on the state of mind of the horses and what they are telling you. Nowadays, I visit my dentist regularly. Those visits are going reasonably well. However I had to get used to the new denstist, when Astrid left the dentistry to emigrate to France. I have some health problems but I really intend to visit Astrid again at the D-Ranch location in France.”
I followed horse therapy at D-ranch in 2016/2017. It was one of the many therapies I followed at that period and so, one of the most effective ones. It was a whole experience with the horses and the way they translated and showed how you felt at that moment. Astrid was always very understanding and created a calming environment where you could face your own struggles and how to deal with them.
My experience with D-range was great! Astrid was a great help by getting over my extreem fear of the dentist. Before, I had not visited the dentist for many years. Now, I go there smiling and leave the same way too. The way the horses at D-Ranch respond to you, when you visit there and work on your exercises, is very remarkable and can't be explained. However, the horses really appear to feel what goes on in your head. It feels calming and you feel full of trust. I applaud Astrid and what she does and can only advise anyone to try it out. Everybody needs some help with conquering some kind of issue!
“ Every year until this year I was really struggling to get through the grey, wet and cold winter days in the Netherlands. This year, having found new freedom to go wherever I want, I decided to go to southern France. I arrived at D-Ranch Equine Living Centre in November 2019. The original plan was to stay a few weeks, but I enjoyed being there so much, that I ended up staying three months. The people running D-Ranch, Jan-Ide and Astrid, aim to help people with personal and business development, with the help of their animals. As they write it on their website: “D-Ranch was founded by Astrid Stijger as a dentist, initially to bring happiness and dental health in the lives of people who do not go to the dentist because of their fear of dentistry. She does this with the help of horses. That’s how equicure started. In the meantime, this company has grown into a centre where people can heal from countless other psychological or emotional problems, and also for people who want to grow in their personal lives, relationships or work.” During my stay there, I got to know the family and the many animals as though I have known them for years. It’s been a few weeks since I left that place and it feels like I left my home. I miss going outside at 8 AM, immediately being surrounded by all the (hungry) cats and being called by the donkeys. I miss starting the day between the hay, horses, and donkeys and I miss the view on the full range of the Pyrenees I had while doing so. I miss having a very slow breakfast near the woodfire in the kitchen and my walks around the estate with the dogs. I guess you can tell that I really want to go back whenever I can and be reunited with my many (furry) friends there… I will try to give you an impression of my time in France by showing you my favourite pictures from the many I took during my stay. If you want to know more about what amazing things Astrid and Jan-Ide do at their estate, visit their website (it’s too much to fully describe here). https://www.peaksandpinesphotography.com/spending-the-winter-in-the-midi-pyrenees/