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Trauma Healing

Due to a nasty experience with unpleasant feelings, a fact is linked to an unpleasant feeling. Energy is blocked in your body. And every time a similar fact occurs, you experience that negative feeling. Looking at a trauma in this way creates opportunities to help recover trauma.

The programs of D-Ranch help to find those links and help to disconnect them and to introduce new links so that the trauma can heal and disappear. New ways to respond to the fact are born, new ways without the negative feelings associated with it.

Equicure is one of the strongest means to make such links visible. If you want to know more about equicure, you can read about our Method

We value personal contact, because we value you.  That is our approach to everything we do, to make it as personal as can. If you want to know more about our approach, feel free to contact us.

Trauma Healing

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